Tuesday, 9 June 2015

It's getting interesting!

It took some time since the last post. First I was in holiday and afterwards I was quiet busy to finalize the strategies. With small amounts they are working excellent. Lately I barely lost a trade. Of course it's easier with small stakes, because there is no fear to lose. To be successful you need exactly the same feeling with big stakes! It's really difficult to suppress the emotions while trading... For this reason you need clear rules. Especially the money management is important, you need to know what is the worst case.

Everything is defined now. After the decision to enter in a market, I will trade like a robot. There are clear rules for profit taking, reentering and stop losses. In general it's a save (lay) approach. You have to enter when the volatility is low and the the risk/reward-ratio is attractive.

Today I transfered 10k Euros to my account. So it's getting interesting now. The risk per trade will not outreach 1% of the bank (100 Euro). Even with this amount is possible to make good profits. Today Bouchard was trading at 1.01 and lost in the end. It's no real rarity that an odd under 1.10 loses at tennis markets. The leverage is an important part you have to consider at tennis trading.

I will keep my trading record at this page. This week I will start with the rised stakes. I am curious about the progress, I hope you too!

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