Monday, 4 May 2015

Nice development

I am happy about the development of my bank. Since I started this blog it grew around 10%. To be honest the amounts are small, but it shows that I am on the right way. Especially at soccer the system works quiet nice. Of course I have to test it with bigger stakes to be sure if I found a "money machine".

At tennis I chosed the wrong matches. The strategy is more flexibe than at soccer. It means you can win more, but you also have more volatility in the results. Beside the confidence is still missing a bit. For this reason I will keep the stakes small. The discipline is good so far. The biggest loss was around two Euros, which is equal to 1% of the bank.

On the other side the preparation of the day could be better. I should mark some interesting games before they take place and enter when the scenario is fine.

Belinda Bencic for example is completely out of shape. How in the hell she could be 1.30 favourite against Ajla Tomljanovic? After a break she was trading around 1.20, but I missed the opportunity to lay her. Beside I think that is not in every case necessary to have TV live coverage for a trade. Of course is better, but when an odd is value, you don't need pictures. Sometimes it's even better, because the momentum can change so quick at tennis. With pictures you are more afraid to go for the player which doesn't play the best on the moment.

In general I am happy with the first days of this blog. I recognized that I already have some readers. Thank you for your interest. Beside the profit goes in the right direction. Tomorrow I will work, so I don't trade much. Perhaps there will be some opportunities at the last matches in Madrid. I will keep you updated.

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