Friday, 1 May 2015

First day

Today there was a lot of action at the tennis markets. At the moment the men play in Istanbul, Estoril and Munich. The women tournaments take place in Marrakech and Prague. Unfortunately I was quiet busy, and I had only some hours to trade.

Like mentioned in my first post, I trade at the moment with very small amounts. This approach helps to become confident. Thanks to the high liquidity at tennis markets, it's no problem to play the strategies with 100 times bigger amounts. So you could imagine the values above without a decimal.

It's still a process to improve and simplify the strategies. At soccer I have a very easy approach and it works so far quiet well. At tennis it's still too complicated. In the beginning I had like 20 different entries. In my opinion the system has to be easy, because you have to react quick on the markets. The main point is a good risk/reward-ratio. A lot of traders make the mistake to win a few ticks and lose a lot.

As a first step I try to create a green book in a market with low volatility. If I am successful I go for the bigger swings. "Safety first" is my slogan. I made my learnings from the past. Yes, it would be nicer to make big profits, but a steady development of the bank is the more succesful way in the long term.

Right now I am trading with a bank of only 200 Euros. The max loss per trade should not excess five Euros. At the moment I will not deposit any money to my account. In the long term I will do, because I like to play with a bank of 20'000 Euros to have the leverage of stakes. For the moment 100 times smaller amounts are the perfect way to simulate the future. Today my profit would be 142 Euro, not bad for just two trades and only two hours on the ladders...

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