Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Hello and welcome!

Since I am a small boy I am interested in tennis and betting. I joined Betfair when they started their business in the year 2000. In these times I only traded soccer. My interest for tennis markets started to grow some years ago. It needs time to know the players and especially the markets.

The volatility in tennis matches is amazing. Unfortunately I made in the beginning the mistake to trade the players and not the market. Beside I staked too high. Overall I made the common newbie errors. Since this season I am profitable with low stakes.

I decided to start this blog to keep the focus high. I am not interested to sell anything or to give inside information about my strategies. Nevertheless I am interested to share ideas. This blog is diary which hopefully helps to bring my trading skills to the next level.

I try to give as much as possible transparency with printscreens of my trades, a track record and a development of my bank. Right now I am trading with stakes under five Euros. When I feel 100% confident, I will rise the stakes. There is a huge potential, the tennis markets are very liquid.

I trade in my spare time, so there is no pression to make money. Nevertheless I like to make at least an extra income of 1'000 Euro per month.

Beside tennis I trade soccer. It's a good way to diversify. Tennis is mainly played during the day, while soccer games are at evening. Beside the main action of soccer is at the weekend, on the other side the most tennis matches are played during the week.

Tomorrow I will start publishing the trades for this blog. I look forward to keep this blog interesting for a lot of people. I am happy to have you as a reader!

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