Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Decent start at Wimbledon

One day after the tennis players, I also started to my Wimbledon adventure. I would call it a decent beginning. How you can see at the right side, I ended the day with a 4:2-record and a profit of 36.70 Euro.

I traded mainly WTA matches. The first of the reason is the duration. "Best of five"-matches take too much time. Second I don't have much experience with the charts. The volatility is different than the one of "Best of three"-matches. Last, but not least, the women's matches bring normally more momentum changes (which are the base of my trading style), because of the weaker serve.

The first week of a Grand Slam tournament is always very busy. It's difficult to keep the overview. I am more focused on the scoreboard than on the action on the court. The opportunities are often coming at courts, which you don't follow at TV...

The match between Madison Keys and Stefanie Vögele was suspended because of darkness. There I have a sure profit of over 80 Euro. Together with the 36.70 Euro I mentioned above, I can be quite happy about my first trading day at Wimbledon.

Of course not everything was perfect. I missed some good opportunities und took on the other hand at least one gamble. I had to think about a quote of Dr. Alexander Elder:

"Amateurs look for challenges, professionals look for easy trades. Losers get high from the action, the pros look for the best odds".  

When I layed Bacsinszky (against Goerges) I didn't follow this quote. Definitely it was not an easy trade, because I went against the big favourite and the momentum. The other lost trade was okay. I was surprised, how easy I could accept that my idea was wrong (I expected a stronger Paszek). I closed the position and lost only six Euro instead 30-40 Euro (what would probably happen in the past).

Tomorrow is again a day with a lot of action. Hopefully I can take over the positive energy. Before going to sleep I will make my preparation for another busy day on the ladders...

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  1. Great start mate....well I had a overall loss of 140 euros on first day and profit of 190 euros on second day, but still i feel i could have done much better had i not done those silly mistakes and entered the game much early that i should have not.The ultimate thing is the waiting game, a Zen like patience since there is always a next game for profit to come.
    Also we at times treat these grand-slams as somewhat more important and superior but in reality the matches are as same as ATP 250 and WTA we treat.Good luck for coming days

    PS: Price on Heather Watson is nice for today's second round match and i think she can dismantle Daniela who was lucky to get through first round encounter with Dominica.With crowd on her back she is due for win.