Wednesday, 29 July 2015

The calm before the storm

I am a bit disappointed, the TV coverage of the biggest tournament this week at Hamburg (500 series) is quite poor. They only show the matches on the centre court. Beside I prefer to trade the WTA tour, and this week we only have low quality tournaments. It's not that you need Novak Djokovic or Roger Federer to trade, but when you don't know the players, it doesnt' make sense to get involved in the action. I would say that I know most of the players ranked inside the top 100 and a few lower ranked up to 200. Beside Jelena Jankovic (WTA 25), which plays a very small tournament in China (together with a lot of unknown Asian players), Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova (WTA 42) is at Baku the highest ranked player on the courts. At least it has the advantage to know new players.

The ATP tournaments have higher quality, but like mentioned, the TV coverage could be better. Beside we have to wait for the more balanced matches, which are normally better to trade, until the round of 16. At Gstaad we saw in the first round like expected (excluded Haase vs. Granollers) very one sided matches. Atlanta is difficult to trade, because on hardcourt (at least with bad returners at ATP) the matches are often dominated by serve. At Hamburg high quality matches like Fognini vs. Chardy or Monaco vs. Gulbis were not shown on TV. On the other hand you could watch all the matches at Atlanta, for example Jared Donaldsson vs. Somdev Devvarman.

Well, I don't like to complain. Soon the USA/Canada tour heats up with tournaments at Washington, Montreal (girls at Toronto), Cincinnati and later the US Open will take place. It's perfect for me, because I can trade after work.

For the above mentioned reasons I didn't trade much this week. Okay, it's just Tuesday :-). I made five trades, and I am more or less breakeven. I updated the strategy guide, now we already have the version 4.0. It's funny to compare it with version 1.0, which was more or less a copy&paste of Sultan. Now I developped my own style of trading, and it seems that I am on the right path. The fine tuning is not finished yet (just today I made a small adjustment again), but the big picture is done.

The next days should bring more balanced matches at Gstaad and Atlanta. Probably also the one or other match at WTA is suited to trade. If not, I will not be (much) in action like a lot of high ranked players... We can say, it's the calm before the storm (in USA and Canada).

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