Friday, 17 July 2015

Taking a small break

The title says it. Since my return from the holidays, I totally lost the focus and trust. Every trade is wrong, I think I am on a 0:10 run or something like this. I can back the favourite, when he/she is trailing or go with the underdog, everytime I am on the wrong side. Perhaps it's a lack of game reading, perhaps it's bad luck. I don't know. I am out of words. Unfortunately I don't see any edge with my tennis strategies. It's just pure gambling with good and bad runs. No wonder, the tennis market is really mature and efficient. I still think that's possible to make money with tennis trading, but you have to act smart and find your own way.

Right now I am trading with a midterm approach. In average I stay two or three games in a trade. I start to feel that this is too long. Today I was 30 ticks in plus, but in the end I lost the trade. That is quite stupid in my opinion. It shows that a more active trading makes sense. A commentator mentioned that he makes around 80-90 trades during an NFL match.

I have to look for a different approach. I have an idea, but I have to test it with small stakes. Even the mentioned 20 Euro are too much at the current stage. I will take a break for some days to refocus. I will keep you informed. Have a nice weekend!


  1. Sorry to hear about that.

    I think small stakes are the way to go for you. Also, don´t change your strategy on a weekly basis because it is not possible to know if a strategy is good in such a short period specially if you don´t take a lot of positions per game.

    Finally, you can´t use your hands in the football i trade unless you´re the goalkeeper :P

    1. Thanks for the comment. No problem... every failure is a chance for an improvment.

      I know that is not a good thing to change the strategies too often. There are a lot of examples that a bad start (with over 100 trades) can only be a too small sample and turn in a successful approach. The same with a good beginning. I just make minor adjustments in the time frame. The base will be the same...

  2. Just remember, the longer you leave a trade - the longer you are open to risk.

    If your struggling, feel free to message me if you want a bit of advice.

    Enjoy your break and forget about trading with money on the ladders and enjoy the weather - if it's good!

    1. Yes, that was my main thought. Like I mentioned above... it was a good profit in comparison to my risk (something like 30 ticks for 30 ticks risk), but I didn't close the trade. Of course there are different approaches... if you make 90 ticks for 30 ticks risk, you can lose 3 trades to be breakeven. With 30 ticks only once. In the end is about preferences... only when you feel comfortable, you can make money.

      I would lie if I would say that I am not struggling at the moment. I didn't expect that after a good June, but probably it was just a good run, and the sample was not big enough.

      Yes, it will help to take a break of 3-4 days. Perhaps I will have some ideas at the lake. :-) Let's see...