Saturday, 2 May 2015

A busy day

It was a busy day on the ladders. I woke up at 10.30 am to be ready for the first tennis games of the day. Despite good swings in the match between Giraldo and Schwartzman I didn't make a big profit. The Colombian was trading at 1.05 (score: 6:0, 2:0), when the rot for him began. In the end he lost 6:0, 2:6, 2:6! I just made seven cents depite a dream scenario for every trader... 

Unfortunately I made the mistake to open too much positions at a 0:4 score for a bad value. A 0:6 is not a big accident with one trade, but five positions are hurtful. The same (without recovery) happened in the match between Svitolina and Schmiedlova (how the hell she could win yesterday against Baczinsky?!), where the girl from Ukraine won the first set 6:0 as well! After these errors I adjusted the strategy. In the first set I will only open one trade at balanced games (start odd > 1.40 for each player). The odd at the end of the set can vary from 1.17 to 1.30. That's too unsecure for a multiple trade. 

At the Federer game the profit could be bigger. Unfortunately he lost the tiebreak after he came back from a 2:5. Nevertheless I recognized that this strategy works quiet well. I could make even more money with Gasquet, but late in the evening I was not in the trade mode anymore.

At soccer I made one trade. It showed that the strategy works. I had a free bet (for ten minutes) which was not successful, but in the long run the edge will bring profits.

After a rainy day in Munich, they will have to busy program tomorrow. Beside there will be the half finals at Istanbul and Estoril. The girls play the finals at Marrash and Prague. On the other hand the first rounds at Madrid (Mutua Open) take place. In the evening I will go out, but before I try to trade the one and other tennis and soccer match.

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