Sunday, 14 June 2015

Sunday trading

Actually I was watching the final at s'Hertogenbosch between Camila Giorgi and Belinda Bencic. The match didn't give much trading opportunities (only two late breaks), so I switched to Agnieszka Radwanska against Monica Niculescu.

I was able to make a good profit (around 50 Euros) in the second set when the Pole reduced the break deficit and was looking like the secure winner. In the end she lost the second set, and I was quite sure she will fight back in the third set. I was wrong, Niculescu played a really strong match and swept Radwanska in the last set away (6:0!). Unfortunately also a big part of my profit went away...

I made some small adjustments in the strategy. Considering Dan Weston, a tennis analyst and trader, there is a huge chance that a player will have a chance for a rebreak, but only a part is converted:

To generate a green book, which you can use afterwards for a riskfree reinvestiment, it's important to take profit. I decided to green a bit (take out 1/2 of the stake) at the following scores: 0:30, 0:40, 15:40, 40:A.

After Radwanska also David Goffin had a very disappointing last set against grass specialist Nicolas Mahut. He lost 6:7 and 1:6. It cost me 60 Euros. So far it's the biggest single loss, but it's still in the framework of the money management. Trading is no one way street, so you have to accept losses from time to time and stay calm. In earlier days i started the "chasing mode" and that was the beginning of the end. After a loss you have to wait for the next real opportunity. I am sure it will come, next week bigger tournaments at Halle and Queens take place. I look forward to more interesting trading opportunities...


  1. Brulati you comeback :) but you strategy seems to be much better than before

    1. I think you can't tell it that quick. I learned from mistakes, but I am still not there, where I like to be. Today I read an article that the strategy makes just 10% of the success. More important is the money management (30%) and the psychology (60%). The Monfils trade showed me that I am still very fragile...

  2. Hi
    Do you read this blog .If you gone read do it from beginning.

    1. Yes, I read it from the start to the end. I was even at his academy. It reminds me on my development. I think I am somewhere in the middle of the journey he made. I recognized that he started to be successful, when he trusted his strategy. When you reached this point, the discipline rises and then you make good results. In the beginning he was changing it every week and was frustrated.

      Beside he traded with too high stakes, I just recognized that the discipline is better with smaller amounts. It's psychological... when you see that your strategy brings more profit than losses the confidence rises. When you are 100% confident a single loss trade is not a problem, you know that the system works in the long term.