Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Scalping tennis markets

Unfortunately I couldn't trade (much) today. I had to go to the office for a conference call, which didn't take place... (pretty boring, when you are officially in holidays). In the evening I had my weekly badminton session. When I arrived home, there was only one match left: Grigor Dimitrov against Sam Querrey.

After two sets the match was interrupted because daylight was gone. I could create a green book (see on the left side), but I am not 100% happy with the trade. After Dimitrov lost the first set I entered the market (strategy: back the favourite offplay for 2-3 Ticks), but I couldn't enter as quick as I wanted. The risk-/reward-ratio was not good at this moment anymore. If Grigor would lose his serve, I would be in big troubles. What should I do better? When you scalp the markets, you have to be quick. I was too slow with the entry and lost 1-2 Ticks. So I had to risk an inplay bet in a volatile environment.

To go straight on the favourite for odds somewhere over 2.00 is not a good in my opinion. The value is slim, but often even negative. After a break of Querrey the opportunity would be better. His lowest odd was 1.07, when he had a breakpoint for a 4:1-lead. Often a better opportunity comes, you just need to be patient. Scalping after a lost (first) set of the favourite is not a bad strategy, but the timing is very crucial.

Tomorrow is another day. Let's see which opportunities will come...

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