Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Another green day...

A busy day - with some rain breaks - ended with a profit of 50 Euros. One game is still to go (Pliskova vs. Konta) and will add another six Euros to the bank. The result is looking better than my trading was. I was in some critical situation which shouldn't happen. I already spoke about this topic in the last days, so I don't want to repeat my problems in all the details.

In general you see it at the image on the right side. With my hit rate (82%) I am really happy. Of course I can't compare it with the 40% of Sultan, he has another approach. I only can speak about my strategies. To be successful everything over 75% is fine. The main problem is the average profit. It should be on the same level like the average loss. Unfortunately I couldn't compound my green books. In these kind of situations I was often too careful. I didn't take use of the leverage. When you lay a 1.05 odd it doesn't need much money to win a fortune. Despite one trade with Rafael Nadal, I never managed to win more than 1% of the bank. On the other hand I risk up to 1% per trade. Overall I have to consider that there is a problem with the reinvestments.

Beside I made some small adjustments at the money management. I decided to halve the stake in the later stages of a set.

Tonight there is one more trade (Copa America: Brazil vs. Colombia). Beside tennis I do some small soccer bets. They are not part of the profit&loss statement I publish here. They should give some extra money for my tennis strategies. I am quite sure that the system I developped with a friend together is quite profitable. Unfortunately you don't have much suitable matches. You need teams with high scoring quality and a low 0:0 odd at the correct score market.

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