Thursday, 11 June 2015

Tennis trading needs experience

Tennis is a psychological game. Govortsova (against Niculescu) and Linette (against Davis) both spoiled big leads. Both were traded at 1.01 and lost! When the rot begins, then it's really difficult to gain the momentum back. Especially at WTA tennis you often see these kind of matches.

Unfortunately trading is a pschological game too. In theory is easy to catch the above mentionned matches. In reality it needs balls to enter and hold the green a while. Today I was not able to make profits. Actually I didn't make a trade! I hesitated too long, and in the morning Betfair was out of order.

In general it was a disappointing day, where I missed a lot of opportunities to make money. The winner mentality is not here yet. Only good experiences can bring it. Tomorrow is another day to learn, become better and successful...

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