Thursday, 11 June 2015

Successful day

How you can see on the left side, I had a successful day. On the first view everything is looking bright. There was no losing trade, beside one very good one (Nadal vs. Baghdatis).

On the second view I still made too much mistakes and missed good opportunities. At two games (Seppi and Bertens) I was lucky not to lose. Actually I took too much risk after a losing first set. I kept the stake despite the volatility rised at the start of the 2nd set. It's still hard for me to close a trade with a small loss of five to ten ticks (around 20-30 Euros). It's a psychological thing to accept a downfall of the bank. A strong start - like I had today - will help to improve this topic. It's easier to risk profit than (hard) earned money...

Beside I hesitated too much with reinvestments. There was a great opportunitely to lay Nadal a set and break up at 1.04. With 20 Euros (of 180 Euros profit) I could lay Rafa for 500 Euros profit. After he lost the 2nd set, he was trading at 1.57. This would be nice extra money with small risk. Despite watching the game between Sachia Vickery and Zarina Diyas I didn't enter. What a great fight of Vickery after trailing 0:5 in the first set. A much better trading chart (the game is not finished yet...) you can't find...

Sachia Vickery vs. Zarina Diyas

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