Saturday, 5 September 2015

There's a light on the horizon!

The strategies are stable since a while. I feel more and more comfortable with the new trading approach. I think about the market and not about technical aspects like risk-/reward-ratio, entry- and exit-levels or profit. The trading is in the flow now. The improvement also has an impact on this blog. I recognized that is a lot more difficult to write, when everything is going alright. Well, it's not a bad feeling at all. :-)

Of course the trees are not growing in the sky, I still have a kind of overtrading. Probably the small stakes have an impact on this behaviour. When I have spare time to trade I like to be involved in the market. With small liabilities the temptation to enter the market - even with an inadequate situation - is bigger. Like I mentioned at an earlier post, I set a monthly budget. I didn't use this (new) money yet. Every month I will put more money on this virtual betting account. So I can rise the stakes steadily.

On the left side you can see the devolopment of the profit since I rised the risk-/reward-ratio to 1.0 and above. The variance is a lot higher than before, but real hurtful downfalls are not expected. Before I had to win four trades after a lost one to be be breakeven. Now one is enough to be in the green zone again. In general I am more relaxed. This feeling has a positive impact on my trading.

It's still a long way to go, but I feel the progress. There are no more doubts about the strategy. The practice will help to become a better trader. Full time trading is no target anymore, I feel 100% happy about my new job. Sportstrading should be an interesting side income and a good diversity to the stock markets.




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  2. Great to hear you're doing fine both in trading and in your work!

    "I think about the market and not about technical aspects like risk-/reward-ratio, entry- and exit-levels or profit"

    The way I see it, this is one of the keys to trading. Once you settle the theoretical aspects, the market is what matters. If you don't overstake, your profits and losses should be in the same magnitude order and this brings stability. One should be as relaxed as possible while trading and this kind of setup helps a lot to erradicate fear and discomfort. So, now it's all about repetition!