Sunday 1 May 2022

Sportstrading and blockchain

After a long time without a post I write again. 

In the meantime it´s confirmed that Netprofit ( was a scam. There is no free lunch, if somebody asks money for picks, it´s smelly. I tried different paid services and I didn´t find an added value. 

If somebody gives you trading advices (not pick a winner) is another story. It´s essential to make the right decicision if a trade goes in a good or bad direction. Of course there is a link to the right picks... if you make good entries, your trading life will be easier. 

In summary I will go this way:
  • I save the money for pick services and make my own research. 
  • I optimize the hedging strategy with stop losses and taking profits.
  • Less is more, only trade matches with real value. The next chance will come again.
Beside I met an expert with blockchain technology. In the next weeks I try to get some knowledge in this topic. If you have the necessary skills, you can definitely make more money than with sportstrading.